Helping leaders and teams overcome obstacles through the power of human connection.

I am no stranger to change - in both my personal and professional lives.

For a long time, I thought the only way to overcome change was to crawl through the muck on your own.  But then I learned the real key to success comes in seeking out the support of people around you to help you go from crawling to walking to running (ask me about it sometime).  

In my former career as a health care attorney at Fortune 25+ companies, I’ve persevered through three corporate mergers and countless reorganizations. I’ve seen first-hand how culture impacts team effectiveness, and I’ve witnessed the negative consequences of individuals and businesses deflecting change. It gets ugly.  

Through these experiences, I saw how the power of human connection can help teams grow and overcome challenges.  And that's when I saw my natural ability to lead through change emerge.

Now, with (re)connect, I teach leaders and teams the knowledge and skills required to build trust, meaningfully (re)connect, and create a safe space to align on, implement, and sustain organizational change.  

My natural ability to develop honest, transparent, and trustworthy relationships fuels me. Let’s roll up our sleeves together and get sh*t done.

Let's (re)connect.
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